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About Brisbane Wholesale Foods

In just a short time a band of people have managed to do what seems to be impossible for others, and that is to work for the common goal , giving the customers excellent service, and supplying them with a range of products which fulfils their needs. BWF's strength originally was in small goods distribution, and although this is still a significant part of the business, the company is now a significant player in the Fresh Seafood & Frozen Seafood market.


The company aims to further expand its range with varies innovative product to achieve a balance approach to a well rounded food service proposition. We now have relocated to 69 Alexandra Place at Murarrie, and have access to fresh seafood. The company's strong relationship with well-known brands places it in a position to comfortably meet its clients' needs in a wide variety of products. The company aims to fully utilize technology to deal with clients 24/7 in the sense of a totally interactive website, whereby the client may place an order knowing that the stock is available for immediate delivery.


The company has been assessed by International Certifications and found to comply with the requirements of HACCP (Food Safety Management Standard) and ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management Standard).

What we envisage is that BWF will be our customers' main supplier, by providing them with reliable service and competitive prices, combined with a quality of products beyond their expectations.



As individuals most of us in the company travelled together once before. Most Brisbane-ites would remember the successful company by the name of Seaborn Seafoods. I think it would interest the reader to know that the team at BWF have worked together since 2000. With such a diverse background and skill-set we can be assured of our ability to solve any problems, or service any queries which may arise.


At Brisbane Wholesale Foods, our vision is to be our customers' main supplier by providing them with reliable service, competitive prices and quality of fresh and frozen food wholesale products beyond their expectations.

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